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West Midland Safari Park

March 6, 2017

As soon as I heard the words safari park, I instantly didn't want to go.  The first thing that comes to mind is a cheesy side of the road-type amusement park that you end up seeing on the news…"some hack job small company treats animals terribly, a child was eaten by a tiger, it's a total rip off, and parents were dumb enough to spend hundreds on it all!"  Psssshhh…I don’t think nightmare!  But this particular week was half term week, which is why I had my 2 rambunctious boys all to myself...all day when my friend asked me if I wanted to go to the safari park, out of complete desperation to keep them entertained, we went.


The moment we pulled into the park I knew this was no "side of the road hack job" theme park.  This place was something special.  Our first stop was the Land of the Living Dinosaurs exhibit where the kids almost lost their minds...I mean, boys + dinosaurs = TOTAL EXCITEMENT!  It's the UK's largest animatronic dino exhibit and for my boys this was better than a lifesize ice cream sundae.  As soon as you enter it feels like you are walking back in time and might be eaten at any moment.   It was fantastic!


 (Above: Entering the land of Dinos!)

(Above: The T-Rex was so life like, the kids went bananas with happiness.)  

 (Above: Luc loved that he could dig for dinosaur fossils.) 

When we booked our tickets we made sure that we included the VIP experience which was super affordable, but made the trip just that much cooler.  What you get:  we were driven around in a small bus with a tour guide who was very knowledgeable on the animals the park had to offer and would stop for long periods of time so you could get a good look, which also gave us ample time to feed the wildlife along the way.  We really enjoyed the stories and info that our tour guide shared. 


 (Above: Rhino feeding time.)

 (Above: Luc feeding the animals.) 

 (Above: The zebras got up close and personal.)

The West Midlands Safari Park is very BIG into conservation and trying to redintroduce their animals back into the wild. I could tell right off the bat that these animals were treated like family.  The staff was so kind and really seemed to love their jobs and it shined throughout the park.  


There is so much to do here: the sea lion show, reptile world, penguin cove, the African village, hippo lakes, lemur woods, meerkat mayhem, and so much more.  Oh, and did I mention that our lunch was delish too?  Kudos to the West Midlands! This place was so incredibly fun!!  A MUST for the young and young at heart.


 (Above: Walking through the bird exhibit.) 

 (Above: Yee-haw dinos!) 

(Above: How do you end the perfect day, why with ice cream of course!!)


Cheers y'all! 


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